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i've decided its about time i started using this thing again... I haven't updated in a year, but, honestly that isn't the longest update spell i've ever seen on livejournal.

I guess the conditions of the last year were such.. a drag.. that I really didn't want to write about them, and now i'm finding that ... i'm getting the energy again to do so.

This LJ has been friends only for a while, but I am going to switch it to partially friends only .. meaning i'm going to update some things privately and some things publically.

If you want to be added to my friends list, the easiest way is either to IM me or to friend me. Periodically I scan over my friends list for new friends, and add people based on their profiles and journals.

The biggest update is that I have moved to Pasadena, CA, with [ profile] yaochi ... i did this about 2 months ago.. Compared to Sacramento this place is paradise... We have a garden (which i help maintain) and I have my own bed and stuff.. I'm happier here, and that leads to more energy

I *AM* going to FC this year still.

And i'm headed to the store now, so i'll post more soon.
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