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First the days synopsis ...

I spent most the day out getting little things like groceries and stuff... one funny incident I have to recall is that me and [ profile] yaochi were out and someone was driving like a clown and Yao Chi was getting upset about him basically stopping in the middle of an intersection while he was trying to make a turn...

So we look at this driver. It was an actual clown. I shit you not. White face, red lips, etc, etc. We just look at each other and crack up.

The rest of the day is... typical, until i get on SL..

I explored a little and went to Club Cutlass .. a little quick background I have 2 sims on SL: Rainbow Wood and Kitsuhana, they are part of a block of sims called the Sunweaver block. Club Cutlass is not on my sim but in the block so i visit it alot.

A beautiful vixen who has kind of been on the 'edge' of my life for a while, [ profile] butterscotchvix, we really connected tonight... For some history i've been part of a community she moderates for many years, [ profile] transfurry. So I have been kind of keeping up with there, but i always lurked and never posted there. Well she appeared again in the Sunweaver block where i moved my sims, and she messaged me one day, and we talked sporadically about things, but at the same time... we seemed actually mutually interested in eachother, or at least our mutual energy, i suppose the best way to describe it is that we were kitsune who knew we were talking to another *actual* kitsune..

Tonight kind of marked a breakthrough where we stopped talking casually and started talking .. seriously ... I am not the kind of person who throws the word 'love' around casually, but I also would be lying to myself and others, if I said i didn't know what was forming here... We talked alot.. We have alot in common we didnt even know we did until now.. We're both very polyamourous, we're both TG, and other things in common that would be less than appropriate for my journal (but not sexual, ya gutter dwellers :)).

I dont know where this road goes, but I feel its a good road .. i haven't felt such a true sense of 'matching' for a while... also she is one of the *rare* vixens who expressed interest in me first.. to be honest this was the dealstarter for me, I knew that she was poly, but I also knew she had 2 other vixens in her life and I would have never guessed until that day about a month back when she IMed me ..

This of course doesn't mean I would dump [ profile] ash_fox.. of course I wouldn't. I don't think I have to define polyamory for anyone. But there is certainly room for vixens in my life .. especially her. I do want to meet her other mates soon. I have to say being part of a house of kitsune, is one of the greatest things i could think of happening to me ..
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