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Its 4:45am and i just woke up from one of the worst dreams i've ever had.. the highlights are as follows:
1) Its one of the very few dreams i ever had where i started as a human male form...
2) I woke up crying, and I am actually pretty sure I felt physical pain during the dream
3) I ended up waking up right at the same time [ profile] spectravixen did.. and not long after [ profile] butterscotchvix did too. This seems to be ... well i'm not a big believer in coincidences.

(04:24:50 AM) Spectra: i'm back...
(04:26:49 AM) Alynna: i ... was asleep... i literally.. just woke up.. from one of the worst nightmares I ever had I think..
(04:27:47 AM) Spectra: urk.. i hate nightmares what was it
(04:28:55 AM) Alynna: it was fucking terrible.. terrible.. and yet i feel like I should go back to bed to finish what was started...
(04:31:14 AM) Spectra: ahh i don't dream or at least my body does but i am not around for them i leave the body at night to watch over my dear friwnds
(04:31:27 AM) Alynna: i think you just did
(04:31:56 AM) Alynna: i can't figure out why I would wake up right when you did..
(04:32:01 AM) Alynna: the dream was not over..
(04:32:46 AM) Spectra: i protect those i love more so
(04:33:03 AM) Spectra: i am sorry
(04:33:10 AM) Alynna: most of the dream was a mix of this RP group on SL and the faerie courts... rejecting me.
(04:34:11 AM) Alynna: saying i'd be banned from being around them indefinitely, and I just flipped.. i ran to the kitchen and walked back into the court halls with knives to my heart in both hands..
(04:34:20 AM) Spectra: is ok i accept ypu
(04:35:00 AM) Alynna: telling them they were wrong and that i was still a faefox even though i looked like a human male..
(04:35:34 AM) Spectra: how old do you think i am
(04:35:57 AM) Alynna: no clue, but something happened tonight...
(04:36:39 AM) Spectra: yes?
(04:36:54 AM) Alynna: and the queen and king said they would look into my heart that it was only way they could know for sure... so they strapped me to this magic machine...
(04:37:40 AM) Alynna: when they turned it on it hurt so bad I screamed a scream i never heard from anything before... and they were screaming that the machine doesn't hurt anything at all and this didn't make sense..
(04:38:03 AM) Spectra: i don't have to do that to lookinto your heart
(04:40:16 AM) Alynna: when they looked on the screen they saw the picture of a dead person... and they were gonna turn it off and end my suffering, but I screamed NO! And plunged the knife into my heart and jammed their probe inside and then the picture changed to a part fae part kitsune, wriggling around inside the dead body...
(04:41:20 AM) Alynna: when i was woken up was literally just now, with people around gasping, some of them were crying because they treated me so cruelly...
(04:41:45 AM) Alynna: but it was not over, except i woke up..
(04:41:54 AM) Alynna: right when you did somehow..
(04:42:13 AM) Spectra: i am sorrry
(04:42:30 AM) Alynna: no dont be sorry..
(04:42:51 AM) Alynna: my dreams are nearly always astral travel of some sort.

To elaborate a little more on the dream, the dream was disrupted/ended while I was still screaming, they had forgotten I was in pain and was trying to figure out what to do with me... i'll try to update this as i understand or remember more..

4) As a note, I have yet to figure out if [ profile] spectravixen saved me from something or not there..
5) BTW i forgot to mention, the RP group that was mixed among the faerie court in my dream was the Avilion RP group...
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