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To make a note, me and [ profile] yaochi went to and from the con entirely on public transit (Achievement unlocked) so the trip starts there.

Day 1 (thursday) was spent mostly on the train. The Coast Starlight is a good train, with a dining car and a lounge, so honestly the vacation really started there, didn't have to sit in a cramped seat the whole time... We met some other furries on the train and took up one of the lounge cars and netted alot and talked. The train was fun.. We got there, wandered a bit then went promptly asleep.

I roomed with Walksfar and [ profile] yaochi and another tiger fur i forgot the name of. I spent little time in that room. I have deep regrets that I just didnt plonk down the extra 50 and room with Raven and Corsi, cause I spent most my time with them...

I spent alot more time with *people* this con. I slept over in Raven's and Corsi's room the last night and cuddled up my cub (Raven) alot. One of the things I learned this con is how much these people mean to me, they are my family on SL and to me this is as good as being part of my actual family. Its plain and simple that way. I really go to cons to be with people who I care about, no matter what the nature of that love might be... I've been going to FC for as long as there has been FC and I really can't eek much else out of the panels.. so I didn't go to any panels..

Day 2 (Friday) was the day I did most of my shopping. Stood in line in reg, browsed the dealers room, as one of my previous posts indicated, my biggest take from the con, was the kigurumi fox suit I found there. I cannot express how much I love kigurumi. I want to get more of these things, they are so comfortable, cute, they make me feel foxier just for being in it. i've already found a few places on the net which are kigurumi communities ([ profile] kigurumin for example) and I am, for now, just lurking in it, so far I might be the oldest person in it but its also not like there aren't many adults either.. I also bought Corsi's entire Mousetrap CD set, and then the final comic collection of Ozy and Millie.. some fox plushies, and some misc items.. After I got the kigu, I wore it for most the rest of the con. I did NOT make it to any of the kigurumi hangouts, a deep regret of mine..

Day 3 (Saturday) I spent most my time with Raven and Corsi and Acidraven, and other cubbies from SL as well. Usually ate at Dennys though once I did Thai.. Didn't make it to Todai's, but I can do that here in Pasadena.. I only went to one event, the fursuit parade, which i marched in because my kigurumi was good enough to be tagged and I wanted to march with Raven and Corsi. Later that night I attended parties, and honestly this is one of the first times I have ever actively attended parties. Raven DJed for several rooms at once there so I stayed with them most the time, then later, we wandered around to other parties. I tried romulan ale, it was good.. Talked to [ profile] baxil for a while... and stuff, that day ended..

Day 4 (Sunday) I ended up getting alot closer to Acidraven and her mate Habit then i thought I ever would, and I find myself hoping that we can get closer over the next year. I will probably visit them at some point, just ride the Coast Starlight up to where they live... I had a lot of talking with Acidraven beforehand and alot of cuddling and stuff with both of them afterwords. I have noticed that of the three people who make up the core of my family on SL, Acidraven is the one that I can talk to openly about basically anything, even if its kinda emo, and i'm glad I have that with someone there... Also Furry Night Live was a sham, I am sorry folks but Pop-u-fur was not the best skit that night, in fact nearly every other skit was better, and yet it won.. rigged, it has to be rigged..

Day 5 (Monday) I basically spent entirely with Raven, Corsi and the cubs (see a pattern here?) for pretty much the entire day. This is the first time I ever had con depression so bad that I actually cried. Several times. I also spent time with Ruben (an Eevee) and Vash (a bunny) and scritched them lots... people I only knew on SL before.

This year I am planning on going to AC, though I don't know how yet. But I am preparing for it in advance.

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