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Well... yesterday I decided I could tolerate no more and actually found a dentist willing to do an extraction at a price I could afford. An xray later it was confirmed I have.. had... an abscess...

My third molar from the back, top left, was removed.

And I cannot give words to how happy I am. The moment I had this removed I had instant energy, I feel like superfox. Like I could punch the ground and break California off into the ocean.

I've come to realise that I have had this abscess at SOME level for the last 2 years straight. The infection had weakened me, sapped my energy, changed my eating patterns entirely, and that I had it for so long that I forgot what life was like without pain. All because the dentists in Sacramento wanted to rip $300+ to do it. I found one here in Pasadena that did it for $125..

Now I'm remembering. I feel like I could take on the world again. I never traced back the lack of energy i've had the last 2 years, to this one damn tooth... It went in and out but it always hurt when I ate and now that it is gone.. let me tell you what... theres no pain there. I expected it to hurt for at least a day but I was eating real food out both sides of my mouth within hours... *hours*...

I look back on the last 2 years and have to ask myself, and the world... how much have I lost out on, because of this tooth... have I stayed sick for the entire 2 years and got so used to it that I didn't realise I was sick anymore? I feel myself recovering, like I could do all the things I thought I was simply burnt out on... I have the time and energy again. I cant believe one tooth can take away your functionality like this... i woke up at 6 this morning.. its just a world of difference..

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