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Something is going on with me right now I dont know what, i've been dreaming one after another, once again I dont remember this dream in its entirety, but I remember .. alot more of it than the last ...

Here it is ... )
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(edited, LJ really don't like < and >)
We were on Earth for sure, the primary people i noted in this dream were me, Samui, Pyrova and the cat (Natsuki). This was in some Earth future which was post-apocalyptic. I wasn't privy to what actually happened, but whatever happened enabled both magic and physical changes. Dont know the year.

We were all in the expected, non-morphic, 6 tailed, forms. The cat was bigger, and clearly had gained some magic powers at some point, but not as much as us foxes had. The dream was alot longer than this but this is the only part I clearly remember...

Anyway, we (the above 4 mentioned) were in front of a fire, talking. We were on some alert, we might have been migrating from one point to another but we were settled for the night. I do not remember what we were even talking about.

Well this very scrawny (but aggressive) looking dog came by. It was hunting, and made note of the cat. Well I noticed this and looked over back at him. My tail puffed up and my ears fell back about half way and I growled at him... There was no magic involved, but I knew what I was saying with it. [the cat is my friend if you touch, you die].

The dog seemed very disappointed with this, but he hung around, being much less aggressive, and we allowed the dog to share the fire. The cat, said something to the effect of [i would never have survived this long without you all]. I put these in brackets because none of this was spoken, in mind or in word, it was just something you *got* from body language.. anyway..

A few moments later, some crazy *thing* with unusually long ears, attacked us. It might have been a rabbit, but if it was, it was some mutated huge rabbit that seemed to have more in common with a rat. Well we went on self-defense. The dog didn't, the dog just watched. I don't think the dog was in good enough shape to fight anything. After a few moments of fighting, i'd say about a minute, it was taken down.

We pushed it off to the side and the dog looked over at it. It was clear that he was hungry, but wouldn't touch it because it was our kill. At this point we started barking, and it was speech of a kind, I knew what I was barking and it was understood. The dog also barked back, and I understood it. The conversation went something like this (Approximate meaning, in blocks):

Me: [you can have this]
Dog: [are you sure?]
Samui: [we killed it in self defense]
Pyrova: [i don't want to eat that]
Me: [we will hunt] [later]

At this point the dog took it in his mouth and dragged the kill close to him... then he said [i have never met any magic ones before.] [my family will be grateful.] He then ran off with the mutant bunny-thing.

And I woke up soon after that.
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I had this dream around 2:30am. It was pretty damn lucid... Here it is as dumped from IRC where I documented it originally.

[DISCLIAMER] Please note I claim this as nothing more than a dream, though it might be meaningful or worth interpreting, it did not actually happen that I know of.

We were back at Barcode.. and there was this vampire trying to feed off Samui, so I got in the way and sent him a surge of fox energy...

Well this vampire seemed to notice and came over and got an attitude about it and started to fight..

So I grabbed his arm and started beating him with his own fist screaming "HEY! LISTEN! IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR GETTING YOUR ASS KICKED WITH YOUR OWN ARM! WOULD YOU LIKE SOME HELP?!"

After he fell to the ground, I said, "Hey! Listen! It looks like you have a chance to run away! Would you like some help?"

So I was going to just let him go, and I walked away, but he lunged at me again with a knife this time, but I sensed it coming somehow, and turned away at the last moment, and instinctively grabbed onto him, locked eyes, and drained him of all of his energy in 3 seconds flat.

This caused me to immediately shift physically into a kitsune form.
And people were staring at me screaming OH MY GOD ITS A FOX MONSTER!

Now I didnt want the vampire to die and I knew I drew so much he had only 5 minutes to live, so I locked my muzzle to his lips and threw up part of the energy I had took, back to him.

Then I asked for his Clan and said it'd take 12 days for him to recover, but people were starting to get very antsy about me and were gathering weapons and calling the cops..

So I ran back home, scared to death the entire way and darting in and out of corners...

I couldnt figure out how to change back and people from the cops to animal control kept coming by looking for me, and searching the house, but I was hiding in the box springs with the cat..

I got onto IRC and I was doing my best to type on IRC (with paws, i was a four paw) on #losthaven on IRC, asking people if someone could help me cause I didnt think I could stay where I was without them finding me.

Well a huge fight broke out between therians that say a p-shift CAN'T happen, and people who were there and saw it happen who were also on IRC at the time...

I woke up after this. The most significant part of this dream is that I had no wings, no faerie features at all. Just a fox body and 6 tails. And the fact that it scared me. Most my dreams don't scare me, this one did. Not my form, but that I was actually in danger.

Comments, of any kind, welcome.
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I just got home so I am going to write up a small con report, possibly to be followed by a bigger one later.

Best things to happen at the con:
* Going to the con with my mate. This was his first con, and he was in total bliss mode. He got more stuff than me too..
* Rooming with Kithylin. Cuddling with Kithylin. Sleeping with Kithylin (not really any sex0rz tho). Cute husky..
* Meeting the following people: Sunstreak, Nuku, Raven, Typhon, Flashdust, Enkai, Nexxus, Selkit..
* Seeing again: Roofae, Solaxy
* Wolf Valley party convinced me the Valleys were worth going to again.

Cool things:
* Continental breakfast at the inn we were staying at, was excellent.

Favorite event:
* Fursuit parade, I was in it this time, I made it. I got to do one fursuit event at least.

Things that made me unhappy at the con:
* The Second Life panel. They entirely ignored the existence of Furnation, and didn't even show my Avatar Bazaar which was totally relevant to furries in Second Life. I kind of feel that the whole panel was a Luskwood advertisement. :(
* Finding out that one of the Luskwood founders is a Linden, and that LL typically responds in a week to resumes. My resume is being actively rejected. I need to find out why and if I can fix it or make myself more desirable. I am sure the look on my face when I was talking to them about it, was one of someone who had their dreams crushed. I nearly cried, but managed not to.
* The lack of a dead dog party, by all appearances when we left at 6:30pm.
* Being charged 4 times for a meal at the con hotel. They mostly rectified it, but, it still has my funds locked down.
* Not getting one of those cute Fox t-shirts.

Favorite things:
* Pepper, I love you. I mean, your suit. You're an inspiration to me and my new fursuit plans. There will be an Alynna v2 based on my SL avatar, with the blue dress, the pixie wings, the 6 tails, and a new vixen head, just because you have shown me how beautiful a vixen fursuit could be. I can't hope to surpass your own appearance, only match it.

* Alynna Suit v2 may also feature Cleavage Fox. The only new actual fursuit parts I expect it to require is a new head and a new tail *set*, limiting its cost. The new fursuit will only be head, and tails, the black paws from my current suit, and the rest will be clothing. Beautiful clothing.

* 2 new badges, expect scans.
* A new tail and ears upgrade, reflecting new colors.
* A new kitty tag for Natsuki, reflecting an email address rather than a phone number which is less likely to go away.

* Got to try a Wii.

I missed my cat alot, and she did me too. She mewed alot when I got home.

I'm at home again. 5 days of (mostly) bliss has come to an end, making for 360 of tolerance before the next con comes around to prove that life is indeed worth living, even for that miniscule percentage of happiness.
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It shouldnt stretch your page out much.
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Well, I will be 30 on July 21st... I'm not really looking forward to it. 30.. i'm getting old..

Oh, I was laid off from Apple last Thursday, sorry for taking so long to mention this.

Oh, if anyone was thinking of, or planning any kind of birthday present to me.. i have an immediate need.

A laptop. The Cat knocked mine off the table and onto the floor where its LCD shattered. To be specific I am looking for

A Mac Laptop, capable of running OSX and preferably has PCMCIA (RAM and HD optional)
A PC laptop, Pentium III/500 or better, with PCMCIA (RAM and HD optional)
An LCD screen, for a Powerbook G4 Titanium 867mhz/1ghz

Any of these will help me get back on my feet techwise.
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Tastes like chicken.

I actually got this from a fortune cookie I got tonight.
Me and [ profile] samuikon laughed right there in the middle of Taste of China.
After this I believe anything could be found on a fortune cookie.
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CPU: Dual Pentium 3/600
RAM: 768m PC100
Disk sizes:
/dev/md0 46G 3.9G 42G 9% /
/dev/md2 6.1G 178M 5.6G 4% /pub
/dev/md3 111G 104G 6.1G 95% /mp3

CPU: AMD Athlon(tm)/1200
RAM: 512m DDR266
Disk sizes:
/dev/hda3 17G 1.9G 15G 12% /
/dev/md0 112G 13G 94G 13% /home

Bandwidth: Shared 768k/768k (8mbit burst)
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Well is unlikely to be the same for a while.

The gist of it:
1) What is left of Oronet is being shut down this week.
2) The hard drive in ninetails now loses IRQs, causing machine lockups.
3) There was no actual DDoS attack, just the symptoms of one.

The good:
1) Ninetails has been upgraded to an Athlon/1200, 512m DDR266, and now has an 80g/60g, with a 20g root and a 160g RAID0. There is a noticable speed increase.
2) Bandwidth to the server has jumped to 768/768, about double.
3) I have colocated a few of the services to another server on a hosting place I just bought.
4) There was no data loss.
5) Vulpix is back.

The bad:
1) Ninetails now has a dynamic IP though if you use the domain names, you will rarely notice it at all.
2) Email is shut down on Ninetails. If you were using your or email address, contact me ASAP to re-establish it on the new server.
3) will no longer be able to host DNS of any sort, and I am not even running the DNS daemon. If you need DNS, my suggestion will be to use I have switched to using this, and I will add update URLs to my IP updating script if you need a domain point.

The ugly:
1) Both Ninetails and Vulpix are hosted at my house behind Comcast Cable. They block outgoing mail, and a few other things which I have had to purchase a hosting service to replace. The most notable things are mail and DNS though.
2) It cost me $84 to set up the additional hosting to continue email service, and $40 to get up to Grass Valley to get the stuff. :(

For sale, I am *selling* the following items, to make up for money lost in the move ...
1) A 1U SuperMicro server. It will come with a Celeron/900, 128m RAM, and what I think is an 8g HD (its not the same one that was in it, but it is one that works), tho it is anywhere fron 6-10gb guaranteed. It will come with Kubuntu 5.1 loaded as a server install (Essentially Debian). It can be upgraded. I'll give more specs as needed. --> $200
2) A APC SmartUPS 1400. Able to power two servers and their networking equipment through a rolling blackout. Still working at last check. You would need to pay shipping and its about 50lbs at least --> $200
3) A Pentium 3/550 CPU and Motherboard combo. Slot 2. It can be safely overclocked to 600mhz. I may be able to pack it with 32m RAM for testing purposes only. This was the old server board. Working last time it was checked. -> $20

4) An ATI Radeon 7000 PCI for Macintosh. Pretty much the fastest video you can get for an older Macintosh. Can be quartz extreme enabled. -> $30
5) Motherboard and CPU for a Macintosh Beige G3/300. The CPU works fine, the motherboard is questionable, it boots from CD but I cannot get it to initialize a hard disk. Buy for CPU only. -> $20

I may have more stuff I will post here.
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BTW this site is way lagged...

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What type of Fae are you?
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OK, i feel that I have to talk about this whole [ profile] shrineofinari thing some more.

For one thing, I hate the fact that they have labeled me a poser, in fact, I really can't stand it, or let it stand unanswered. They have made this determination based on 3 things:
1) I dont list Inari or Shinto as one of my LJ interests O.o
2) I hang around on Furnet channel that [ profile] fox2 is also on.
3) I have not made any public posts about therianthropy and kitsune in my journal.

Lets attack each of these one at a time like a good AppleCare tech would.
1) I dont know whether or not to touch this with a 10 foot pole or not! I guess I have to, just to address it. I made my interest list so long ago I didn't even know what to put. I didn't think that people would actually judge my entire existence on my interest lists, or maybe I would have put alot more. I mean, its a list that people barely think about.
2) As I have stated elsewhere, I hang out anywhere I can talk about spirituality and therianthropic matters, ok? I mean, fuck, do I even have an option to leave, when I am not going to be accepted into another community? Should I have to? Sure I'm sure some of them ARE RP kitsune. I'm not going to be the one to pass judgement. Thats not why i'm there. None of that is even the POINT. The point is, that you cannot make a judgement about *me* from that, especially when no other options are given.
3) The myriad of private posts about therianthropy, about being a kitsune, and other related matters, are private. IN that they are friends only. It did not always be that way, but when you have a dozen people keeping a 3 year running thread about you on the Portal of Evil, you tend to become more reserved about what you make public. You know what .. if you want to actually KNOW about me, try being on my friends list a little bit.

Now, that those are said, what I really would like to come out of this post, of anything related to this .. is that maybe [ profile] kyoudai02 and [ profile] naryu would take an actual, objective look at me before passing judgement. While I am unsure that I would even want to be on their community anymore, I am still deeply thirsting for serious kitsune discussions, the kind I simply can't find anywhere else. I mean seriously, this is not meant to offend #kitsune, #spiritual and [ profile] kitsune_kin, but you aren't going the places I want to go with these concepts. Why is it I have to be the one to say the things that noone else including Fox` will say, that some ideas are simply probability and reality challenged?

I know this makes me kind of a hypocrite because I have my own pie-in-the-sky ideas, but as what might be noticed, I do not accept every pie-in-the-sky idea. Its that 'accept everything cause it can be true' that allows some otherkin to declare themselves were-pokemon and 'connected to Goku' and what the fuck ever. It's polluting the community. As I have been discussing on the friends-only side of my LJ, I have been thinking of founding a LJ group for otherkin that want rationality in their beliefs... the two problems is thinking of a name for the community, and where to draw the line between spirituality and bullshit.

But this isn't to become a rant about these places. This is specifically to address the declaration that 'me = poser' by the [ profile] shrineofinari community. In the end I can live with being b& from their community forever, but I want them to take down all the crap about me being a poser kitsune. It goes too far, makes assertions about me that they have no credible backing evidence for, in fact it is made in complete ignorance about me other than what I have made public in my LJ, which is primarily tests and a few select rants like this one, which is being made on the long shot that either [ profile] kyoudai02 or [ profile] naryu are one fucking bit interested in the truth about me, rather than half-assed assumptions.

Salem dropped a test in [ profile] kitsune_kin, and while it got removed by [ profile] fox2, I answered it anyway. If you still believe I am a poser after reading it, then, there's little I can do with you, but at least you saw truth.

I certainly hope [ profile] kyoudai02 and [ profile] naryu are better people than I currently see them as. Right now they appear to be yet another therian community based around a cult of personality. But I so want to be wrong.


Mar. 7th, 2006 07:13 am
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For some reason I am being rejected for membership in the community [ profile] shrineofinari.

Does anyone know why? I've gotten 2 rejections in the last few months, with no explanation why.
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Well I'm starting the new IRC network, and a LJ community will be soon to follow. I've decided to call it Otherkin IRC, at least for now.

It's currently up at port 6667.

Now that being said. I have to also note that 1) i'd like to have people use it, and 2) I'm accepting links. Links have to meet this criteria:

1) Static IP address, and your link has got to support at least 384k in both directions.
2) The server must be Unreal 3.2x on some unix variant. This basically includes every OS but Windows.
3) Preferably, I know you. If I don't know you from someplace, then I want to talk to you before linking.
4) You must know how to configure and use Unreal. I'm not going to handhold IRC server setups, I am just going to give you the private information you need to link.

The LJ community will come up as soon as I think of a relevant name.
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..for someone (like me) to start an otherkin group that has a possibility of having a measure of rationality?

Is it possible to have serious discussion about faerie, gryphons, unicorns, elves, etc, and identification of ourselves thereof?

Is it possible for me to make such a place and not have it devolve into the kind of kosmic powah kid fluff that I have seen way too many groups become?

.. if there is a niche left to be filled on the internet, it is for rational discussion of these things, of being an otherkin ... without the deviation to spiritual poseurism, posturing, the escalation of insanity as people come up with more and more probability-challenged ideas.

Just because you might be a unicorn, a faerie, a dragon, a werewolf, etc... does not mean you are a high and mighty queen or king of something. You might just be a unicorn, see?

I dont know what to do yet, I want such a community and will probably start one, but I do not know what medium to use yet. I will probably start a livejournal for it, and whether I choose MUCK or IRC for the realtime part.. I don't know yet. The thing that scares me about using IRC is the feeling that its really someone elses resources.

I don't usually have a problem with power or delegation, but in this case, what you have to realise is I founded Draconicnet, and it WAS the very thing I describe wanting to make now (except for dragons primarily).. and it was ripped away from me by other admins, because I took measures to stop the slide into what it is today, a haven for kosmic powah kids, roleplayers, and general lamers.

So I seriously cannot allow that again.

But anyway.. the point is, what would you all like to see fill this space? Any suggestions? Is it even possible? You tell me.