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So i've gotten Kitsuhana moved back over to my server, fixed all the SQL stuff, the DNS is all propagated, its basically back up and running again. Not to say it was ever down, it was on Samui's server, because I had to move, get resettled, then do all the work to get it moved to my server. And trust me it isn't just moving some files around, it took about 16 fox-hours to make all the moves and changes.

I have dropped some update posts about community standards and stuff... I also have to note that Kitsuhana is an otherkin site, not a furry one, so keep that in mind if you visit.

On Second Life i'm working on opening an otherkin club, it will be in the Kitsuhana sim, though it is still in progress. I'm also wanting to build a druidic grove in front of my treehouse, but exactly what to put there is escaping me...
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Looking back it surprises me how much living in Sacramento drained me and how much different it seems here...

Maybe its because its much easier to be open about being otherkin where I live now. There seriously is a great gulf between therians and furries, and I can honestly say that I understand why therians are so.. defensive about it. Most furries won't give a second thought to the spirituality behind our beliefs, its just as easy to say 'yer crazy'.. i've encountered this alot.

Though I have a seperate set of objections in my self-assessment in being part faerie.. this coming from therianthrope communities I wanted to be part of, and even some LJ communities as well.

What am I? The simple answer is 'spirit fox', which could be construed to mean 'kitsune' (I have multiple tails) or it could also mean faerie fox (I have faerie wings). I believe it to be a mix of faerie and kitsune, and its taken a decade of research and meditation to come up with this self-assessment. To be quite blunt, I didn't even know if I was a kitsune at first. When I started getting a firm idea on what I am (we're talking around a decade ago now) I thought I was just a fox with multiple tails... kitsune wasn't a word for me.. i didn't know what one was. I always just said 5 tailed pixie fox ... that's what I felt and saw. Someone in the furry fandom introduced me to the concept of kitsune and it took about a year and a half for me to figure out I am one ...

Anyways... getting off the main point here..
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In any case, the original purpose of this post was going to be about my.. interest.. in doing something.. i dont know what but i have ideas... i have the ideas to write, or maybe talk.. maybe write a book about being otherkin, or start a webcast.. or something.. i just don't know ..

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