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16-22:02> <Alynna> this weekend..
16-22:02> <Alynna> has been one long stretch of spiritual bliss.
16-22:15> <TheListener> How so?
16-22:25> <Alynna> Oh well lets see.
16-22:26> <Alynna> lets go over the list of stuff that happened this weekend so I can eventually formulate a post,.
16-22:27> <Alynna> Friday night. Everyone went to bed except me and Eshari, a faerie. We end up going on a night hike at 1am and talk about everything imaginable.
16-22:29> <Alynna> Also Friday Night: We saw a fox. I had both inquired and confirmed something with the spirits around me, that if we had done the right thing and if I should go ahead with my discussion, that a sign of the goodness of it should manifest. A fox did.
16-22:29> <Alynna> Samui had never seen a fox up close and personal till last Friday.
16-22:30> <Alynna> Saturday night:
16-22:30> <Alynna> I ran my panel on therianthropy and animal spirituality. It was a smashing success. it went for hours, it was a major discussion.
16-22:31> <Alynna> it was the longest panel of the night..
16-22:32> <Alynna> later on I went into the forest to recharge and do my energy work.
16-22:32> <Alynna> It turned into a 75 minute conversation with .. the forest.
16-22:32> <Alynna> We just went over.. everything.
16-22:32> <Alynna> I presented myself and Samui to the forest as we are, foxes.
16-22:33> <Alynna> and a conversation started that went on and on..
16-22:33> <Alynna> it was the most fucking amazing thing..
16-22:33> <Alynna> it was powerful beyond words.
16-22:34> <Alynna> I could see the spirits in the trees, in the animals, I could see the faerie. They wanted an offering, and I gave the faerie a sugar wafer.
16-22:34> <Alynna> strawberry.
16-22:34> <Alynna> its all I had but they liked it anyways..
16-22:35> <Alynna> the most powerful part of Mythicalia I made for myself and Samui, in the forest.
16-22:35> <Alynna> As foxes.
16-22:36> <Alynna> one of the important things you should know about the forest, is that, after you present yourself to the forest, you're probably going to find out it knows you or about you.
16-22:37> <Alynna> word gets around trees very fast.
16-22:37> <Alynna> you will also be amazed what trees know about..
16-22:37> <Alynna> Saturday.
16-22:37> <Alynna> I mean sunday.
16-22:38> <Alynna> now to sunday. The real neat stuff didn't happen till later. We wandered around San Francisco alot.. and saw many neat things, including a water fountain for dogs O.o
16-22:39> <Alynna> but I realised that this would be a good chance to meet up with mom in Berserkley..
16-22:39> <Alynna> long story short is that we did
16-22:40> <Alynna> we got to talk about alot of things, some mundane, some not so much..
16-22:40> <Alynna> and she gave me a shiny!!1!
16-22:40> * Alynna cuddles her shiny!
16-22:42> <Alynna> this shiny is now the new center of my spirit workd
16-22:42> <Alynna> i am gonna find a way to put it on a pendant
16-22:54> <TheListener> Sounds like a blast! Though I should sleep now...

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Date: 2007-09-17 12:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sounds like you had a pretty amazing time !

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Date: 2007-09-17 06:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad you had a good weekend mommy.

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