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I've officially grown tired of how much LJ advertises at me. I cant seem to use a single function without getting an ad popup or having ads take up half my screen.

I will continue blogging on Furaffinity. Anyone who wants to continue to watch my journaling should add a watch for me there (alynna). For those not on FA, i'm sorry. Its just gotten too annoying for me here.
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I guess it goes without saying that i'd choose fox... Seems pretty simple to me. If I had to choose another one, it'd either be a dragon or some kind of kitty ..
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So i've gotten Kitsuhana moved back over to my server, fixed all the SQL stuff, the DNS is all propagated, its basically back up and running again. Not to say it was ever down, it was on Samui's server, because I had to move, get resettled, then do all the work to get it moved to my server. And trust me it isn't just moving some files around, it took about 16 fox-hours to make all the moves and changes.

I have dropped some update posts about community standards and stuff... I also have to note that Kitsuhana is an otherkin site, not a furry one, so keep that in mind if you visit.

On Second Life i'm working on opening an otherkin club, it will be in the Kitsuhana sim, though it is still in progress. I'm also wanting to build a druidic grove in front of my treehouse, but exactly what to put there is escaping me...
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Well... yesterday I decided I could tolerate no more and actually found a dentist willing to do an extraction at a price I could afford. An xray later it was confirmed I have.. had... an abscess...

My third molar from the back, top left, was removed.

And I cannot give words to how happy I am. The moment I had this removed I had instant energy, I feel like superfox. Like I could punch the ground and break California off into the ocean.

I've come to realise that I have had this abscess at SOME level for the last 2 years straight. The infection had weakened me, sapped my energy, changed my eating patterns entirely, and that I had it for so long that I forgot what life was like without pain. All because the dentists in Sacramento wanted to rip $300+ to do it. I found one here in Pasadena that did it for $125..

Now I'm remembering. I feel like I could take on the world again. I never traced back the lack of energy i've had the last 2 years, to this one damn tooth... It went in and out but it always hurt when I ate and now that it is gone.. let me tell you what... theres no pain there. I expected it to hurt for at least a day but I was eating real food out both sides of my mouth within hours... *hours*...

I look back on the last 2 years and have to ask myself, and the world... how much have I lost out on, because of this tooth... have I stayed sick for the entire 2 years and got so used to it that I didn't realise I was sick anymore? I feel myself recovering, like I could do all the things I thought I was simply burnt out on... I have the time and energy again. I cant believe one tooth can take away your functionality like this... i woke up at 6 this morning.. its just a world of difference..
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To make a note, me and [ profile] yaochi went to and from the con entirely on public transit (Achievement unlocked) so the trip starts there.

Time for my con report... its a little late but better late than never.... )
This year I am planning on going to AC, though I don't know how yet. But I am preparing for it in advance.
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I'm still at FC. This being said, everyone has to check out my favorite score so far at FC ... a fox kigurumi suit :) with paws :)

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Been packing for FC..... yes i'm still going...

Got the paypal problem I was having, resolved, now i got plenty for FC

my bad tooth been acting up today, hopefully it wont be still bothering me at FC. Getting to FC will be a trip on Amtrak, 10 hours of just watching the world go by...
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Its 4:45am and i just woke up from one of the worst dreams i've ever had.. the highlights are as follows:
1) Its one of the very few dreams i ever had where i started as a human male form...
2) I woke up crying, and I am actually pretty sure I felt physical pain during the dream
3) I ended up waking up right at the same time [ profile] spectravixen did.. and not long after [ profile] butterscotchvix did too. This seems to be ... well i'm not a big believer in coincidences.
This dream was logged as a IM conversation behind this cut. )

4) As a note, I have yet to figure out if [ profile] spectravixen saved me from something or not there..
5) BTW i forgot to mention, the RP group that was mixed among the faerie court in my dream was the Avilion RP group...
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Went to the doo-dah parade today. Its a silly parade in Pasadena. Apparently if you show up before they start and pay the $10 entry fee you can march in it. I didnt. That being said, heres some of the highlights I saw..

1) Southern California furries on parade. If i had known this ahead of time, I would have gotten my fursuit shipped down here from Eureka, and marched in it too.
2) Anonymous, protesting $cientology. No, they didn't war with the furries.
3) a barbecue float, where people were passing out hotdogs and stuff to the crowd.

Lots of other things too, i got lots of pictures but they're stuck in my phone at the moment. I need to get a mini-sd reader to get them off.. but most the pictures arent that good because I was in bad picture taking position.

For the rest of day I spent it either napping or talking to [ profile] butterscotchvix.. I do hope to talk to [ profile] spectravixen and [ profile] fyremane soon.. I'm so happy lately. And FC is coming so soon too. It seems like everything is on an upward shift in my life at the moment...
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First the days synopsis ...

I spent most the day out getting little things like groceries and stuff... one funny incident I have to recall is that me and [ profile] yaochi were out and someone was driving like a clown and Yao Chi was getting upset about him basically stopping in the middle of an intersection while he was trying to make a turn...

So we look at this driver. It was an actual clown. I shit you not. White face, red lips, etc, etc. We just look at each other and crack up.

The rest of the day is... typical, until i get on SL..

Behind this cut is lovey-dovey stuff ... )
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Looking back it surprises me how much living in Sacramento drained me and how much different it seems here...

Maybe its because its much easier to be open about being otherkin where I live now. There seriously is a great gulf between therians and furries, and I can honestly say that I understand why therians are so.. defensive about it. Most furries won't give a second thought to the spirituality behind our beliefs, its just as easy to say 'yer crazy'.. i've encountered this alot.

Though I have a seperate set of objections in my self-assessment in being part faerie.. this coming from therianthrope communities I wanted to be part of, and even some LJ communities as well.

What am I? The simple answer is 'spirit fox', which could be construed to mean 'kitsune' (I have multiple tails) or it could also mean faerie fox (I have faerie wings). I believe it to be a mix of faerie and kitsune, and its taken a decade of research and meditation to come up with this self-assessment. To be quite blunt, I didn't even know if I was a kitsune at first. When I started getting a firm idea on what I am (we're talking around a decade ago now) I thought I was just a fox with multiple tails... kitsune wasn't a word for me.. i didn't know what one was. I always just said 5 tailed pixie fox ... that's what I felt and saw. Someone in the furry fandom introduced me to the concept of kitsune and it took about a year and a half for me to figure out I am one ...

Anyways... getting off the main point here..
Getting long, time to cut )

In any case, the original purpose of this post was going to be about my.. interest.. in doing something.. i dont know what but i have ideas... i have the ideas to write, or maybe talk.. maybe write a book about being otherkin, or start a webcast.. or something.. i just don't know ..
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I tell you the truth I almost had a log file to post here...

But BoA actually did reverse the overdraft charge, I had proof POSITIVE that they charged an overdraft fee on something fully covered by money in my account.

This in and of itself scares me because charging overdraft on the 'potential to go negative' is definitely a new and evil policy, but I am glad to get the $35 back. I am going to be avoiding using BoA for the time being... just gonna let that money sit in there for the moment to cover what ever else might be popping in..
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So i went to check my balance at Fee of America today. It was -5 negative when I was sure it was supposed to be $30.

Well, they put an overdraft charge on my account. I went to find out what the fuck. Apparently my account was momentarily in a state where it 'could have been negative'. For like an hour or so it was at -4.04 *pending*. Not actually negative. Even according to their own records they only could show that my 'available balance' was -4.04 and my real balance was positive $9.

I was flabbergasted. I closed the account right there. Now normally you'd expect that they would try to keep their customer.. but nope, they just closed the account without any attempt to fix the issue ...

Luckily a few weeks ago I opened an account with Wells Fargo. Lets see if they're any better :/
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Well i'm up ... i had fox dreams last night but honestly, thats not been newsworthy for a very long time ..

I'm getting griefed on my cell phone now. Which kinda sucks because picking up the phone costs me $ no matter what.

I've got twitter now (AlynnaFoxie), if anyone wants to add me, turns out I can twitter from my phone.

I'm also using loudtwitter to relay stuff over here. I dont know how much i'll use twitter, but it seems like a convenient way to get stuff from my cell phone to the blog.

I've now got train tickets to FC, so my presence there is just short of certain now...
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Some of the changes to livejournal since i've been away, suck.

I first got a notice that i could upgrade to plus for free, so i did. Then it told me about the ads.

There was no way to downgrade back to basic.

I ended up giving them $5 (for 2 months) to get rid of the ads and get access to the extra features.

I'm also trying to decide if I should add twitter to this... I wonder how i'd use it... if I could twitter from my phone browser for free..

lets see..
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i've decided its about time i started using this thing again... I haven't updated in a year, but, honestly that isn't the longest update spell i've ever seen on livejournal.

I guess the conditions of the last year were such.. a drag.. that I really didn't want to write about them, and now i'm finding that ... i'm getting the energy again to do so.

This LJ has been friends only for a while, but I am going to switch it to partially friends only .. meaning i'm going to update some things privately and some things publically.

If you want to be added to my friends list, the easiest way is either to IM me or to friend me. Periodically I scan over my friends list for new friends, and add people based on their profiles and journals.

The biggest update is that I have moved to Pasadena, CA, with [ profile] yaochi ... i did this about 2 months ago.. Compared to Sacramento this place is paradise... We have a garden (which i help maintain) and I have my own bed and stuff.. I'm happier here, and that leads to more energy

I *AM* going to FC this year still.

And i'm headed to the store now, so i'll post more soon.


Jan. 7th, 2008 09:11 am
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67% Bill Richardson
60% Mike Gravel
60% Chris Dodd
55% John Edwards
54% Joe Biden
54% Barack Obama
54% Hillary Clinton
53% Dennis Kucinich
50% Ron Paul
47% Mitt Romney
46% John McCain
45% Rudy Giuliani
45% Mike Huckabee
44% Tom Tancredo
42% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz
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16-22:02> <Alynna> this weekend..
16-22:02> <Alynna> has been one long stretch of spiritual bliss.
16-22:15> <TheListener> How so?
16-22:25> <Alynna> Oh well lets see.
16-22:26> <Alynna> lets go over the list of stuff that happened this weekend so I can eventually formulate a post,.
16-22:27> <Alynna> Friday night. Everyone went to bed except me and Eshari, a faerie. We end up going on a night hike at 1am and talk about everything imaginable.
16-22:29> <Alynna> Also Friday Night: We saw a fox. I had both inquired and confirmed something with the spirits around me, that if we had done the right thing and if I should go ahead with my discussion, that a sign of the goodness of it should manifest. A fox did.
16-22:29> <Alynna> Samui had never seen a fox up close and personal till last Friday.
16-22:30> <Alynna> Saturday night:
16-22:30> <Alynna> I ran my panel on therianthropy and animal spirituality. It was a smashing success. it went for hours, it was a major discussion.
16-22:31> <Alynna> it was the longest panel of the night..
16-22:32> <Alynna> later on I went into the forest to recharge and do my energy work.
16-22:32> <Alynna> It turned into a 75 minute conversation with .. the forest.
16-22:32> <Alynna> We just went over.. everything.
16-22:32> <Alynna> I presented myself and Samui to the forest as we are, foxes.
16-22:33> <Alynna> and a conversation started that went on and on..
16-22:33> <Alynna> it was the most fucking amazing thing..
16-22:33> <Alynna> it was powerful beyond words.
16-22:34> <Alynna> I could see the spirits in the trees, in the animals, I could see the faerie. They wanted an offering, and I gave the faerie a sugar wafer.
16-22:34> <Alynna> strawberry.
16-22:34> <Alynna> its all I had but they liked it anyways..
16-22:35> <Alynna> the most powerful part of Mythicalia I made for myself and Samui, in the forest.
16-22:35> <Alynna> As foxes.
16-22:36> <Alynna> one of the important things you should know about the forest, is that, after you present yourself to the forest, you're probably going to find out it knows you or about you.
16-22:37> <Alynna> word gets around trees very fast.
16-22:37> <Alynna> you will also be amazed what trees know about..
16-22:37> <Alynna> Saturday.
16-22:37> <Alynna> I mean sunday.
16-22:38> <Alynna> now to sunday. The real neat stuff didn't happen till later. We wandered around San Francisco alot.. and saw many neat things, including a water fountain for dogs O.o
16-22:39> <Alynna> but I realised that this would be a good chance to meet up with mom in Berserkley..
16-22:39> <Alynna> long story short is that we did
16-22:40> <Alynna> we got to talk about alot of things, some mundane, some not so much..
16-22:40> <Alynna> and she gave me a shiny!!1!
16-22:40> * Alynna cuddles her shiny!
16-22:42> <Alynna> this shiny is now the new center of my spirit workd
16-22:42> <Alynna> i am gonna find a way to put it on a pendant
16-22:54> <TheListener> Sounds like a blast! Though I should sleep now...
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I am planning a big kitsune/kami party for FC this year. I am in the process of getting a room for it on the party floor, and i'll publish its date, time and room number as it has.

There is unlikely to be punch and pie. But I am planning on many different teas, rice crackers, sushi, kitsune udon, and sake, depending on my financial resources when I go to do this. It will probably go for most of whatever night it occurs on.

Questions going out to you all.. who is coming to FC, and what else do you think we should do with this?