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Went to the doo-dah parade today. Its a silly parade in Pasadena. Apparently if you show up before they start and pay the $10 entry fee you can march in it. I didnt. That being said, heres some of the highlights I saw..

1) Southern California furries on parade. If i had known this ahead of time, I would have gotten my fursuit shipped down here from Eureka, and marched in it too.
2) Anonymous, protesting $cientology. No, they didn't war with the furries.
3) a barbecue float, where people were passing out hotdogs and stuff to the crowd.

Lots of other things too, i got lots of pictures but they're stuck in my phone at the moment. I need to get a mini-sd reader to get them off.. but most the pictures arent that good because I was in bad picture taking position.

For the rest of day I spent it either napping or talking to [ profile] butterscotchvix.. I do hope to talk to [ profile] spectravixen and [ profile] fyremane soon.. I'm so happy lately. And FC is coming so soon too. It seems like everything is on an upward shift in my life at the moment...

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