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To make a note, me and [ profile] yaochi went to and from the con entirely on public transit (Achievement unlocked) so the trip starts there.

Time for my con report... its a little late but better late than never.... )
This year I am planning on going to AC, though I don't know how yet. But I am preparing for it in advance.
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First of all I think I am going to start naming all journal entries with some type of theme.. right now I will use the 'file name' theme.

Second ... con report time. I arrived there... this is the first time I ever went with a full fursuit. The time spent in the fursuit was hot but well worth every moment. BUT...

I am going to get the CRAP out of the way up front so I dont repeat it too much. And to put my involvement in the following AWESOME DRAMA ( for the note-takers at ), I was tech track lead for FC2006, meaning I was in charge of assembling and running panels related to technology and internet at the con.

With the exception of Furcadia... they all went off without a hitch .. except for the real important one ... I can't staff FC anymore. Its too much responsibility for too little reward, and I missed 2 major events, the fursuit parade and the critterlympics, because I had to work on making sure that the hotel and FC staff got UDP working for the Second Life panel.


Let start by ranting about the Second Life panel. When I got to the hotel, The crew from Ginkotech doing the Second Life panel, hereafter called Team Ginko, noted that Second Life, hereafter called SL, was not working. The hotel decided blocking all UDP was good for someone. So I went to my direct superiors about the problem, hereby called Events. They said they'd take care of it.

Well a day later it was working, but Furnation was taking credit for it because Fox and Selkit Diller (Hereafter called the Dillweeds) called people and made them fix it. They also had Lindens on location O.o. Now.. I invited those Lindens back to the Second Life panel. They agreed, they thought it'd be cool. I didn't have the exact time for it on me, so I asked someone from Furnation to email them the time of the panel. Guess what! They didn't. Instead they spent a good deal of time talking our panel down because in the words of one of the Dillweeds, "Ginko was running it, and it was likely to be a waste of time." And of course, no Lindens showed up. And its probably good they didn't because...

The morning of the panel I noticed Second Life was still not working. Another ticket opened for the issue. I was approached by FC IT, about the problem, told them UDP was blocked.. They said they had it fixed. Team Ginko set up the equipment. Guess what! It didn't work! About the first half hour of a PACKED ROOM of people of the panel, was spent trying to debug while Clinton (hereafter referred as the Asshole) talked to everyone.

Now... I have lots of questions, like why was it working, then broken, just before the panel? And then a few hours after the panel, working again? I don't rightly know, I suppose that it was all a run of bad luck. Yep... On a totally unrelated subject, did you know that the word 'sabotage' comes from the latin 'sabo', meaning 'tool', Sabotage, roughly means, 'Throwing a wrench in the works'.

The panel went surprisingly well despite the well timed technical difficulties we were having. Now, eventually, we got something approximating connectivity, to Luskwood only. Which is fine, I like the Lusk people alot, probably of all the furry groups out there I like Lusk the most. Of course, I was never been screwed over by Lusk people, unlike Furnation and Anshe/The Forest (hereafter referred to as the Whore).

Well it went well except the part where the Asshole Clinton had to make a jab at Furnation. Now I myself do not have a problem with Furnation, though I do not go there. It just lags too much. Also, I do not have a problem with Nexxus, who has been nothing but nice to me. But the Dillweeds that help run Furnation, I would like to strap to a nuke and fire at Jesus when he returns for his flock, so that he may get his creations back while still under factory warranty. However the Asshole had to make a comment that Furnation is all about sex, causing yet another furry drama that made me miss the fursuit parade.

Nature of that drama in summary, we had reports that Nexxus left crying about the slam. We called him up to apologize for the Asshole. Nexxus was cool about it. Additionally Events staff came to us saying we withheld information from them about SL being down. We did not. We heard unconfirmed reports of SL having a grid attack, and we parroted those reports with the disclaimer that they were unconfirmed. And we later checked it out and they were. We were going to clarify this but gave up trying. Most likely we're still seen as at fault.

Happy stuff happened at the con, lots of happy stuff. But i'm tired and will write about it tomorrow.

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