Jan. 15th, 2009

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Well i'm up ... i had fox dreams last night but honestly, thats not been newsworthy for a very long time ..

I'm getting griefed on my cell phone now. Which kinda sucks because picking up the phone costs me $ no matter what.

I've got twitter now (AlynnaFoxie), if anyone wants to add me, turns out I can twitter from my phone.

I'm also using loudtwitter to relay stuff over here. I dont know how much i'll use twitter, but it seems like a convenient way to get stuff from my cell phone to the blog.

I've now got train tickets to FC, so my presence there is just short of certain now...
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So i went to check my balance at Fee of America today. It was -5 negative when I was sure it was supposed to be $30.

Well, they put an overdraft charge on my account. I went to find out what the fuck. Apparently my account was momentarily in a state where it 'could have been negative'. For like an hour or so it was at -4.04 *pending*. Not actually negative. Even according to their own records they only could show that my 'available balance' was -4.04 and my real balance was positive $9.

I was flabbergasted. I closed the account right there. Now normally you'd expect that they would try to keep their customer.. but nope, they just closed the account without any attempt to fix the issue ...

Luckily a few weeks ago I opened an account with Wells Fargo. Lets see if they're any better :/

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